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      From Binz, you will find easy way to design your building!
      With our Products, you can Building incredible Zone!
      We believe in
      Zero can create everything




      Guangzhou Binz is decorating Expert, we use Ceramic tile 、Marble Pillar、 Fireplace with top craft and Exclusive design to make unique decorating,because it's customize size so that we can decorate on any size wall or Floor as Art background. We offer Home ODE and Project ODE service, it means we can install our products at home、office、 Mall、 Hotel、Conference center、Church、School、Hospital ect, including indoor and outdoor any building. Above all makes us become the leader of China top brand in decorating line Welcome to join us!



      Guangzhou Binz Import & Export Trading Co., Limited was founded in 2016, the Company team has  been engaged in foreign trade business since 2006, 10 years just for getting ready for Binz. Binz believe that we can share nice Product from China to the World, to help more people reach their successful.


      Factory covers an area of 10,000 squared meters at the location of Foshan --- the Ceramic Production base, it own 200 employees total. 2250 squared meters of the showroom full of Perfect and luxurious, to show our Advanced technology, beautiful lines, Top craftsmanship. There is always a suitable for you!


      Specialized Design Team

      70 top Designers developed Modern、Classical、European、Chinese Styles. Lead the industry.



      Engineer Team

      40 Engineers with Excellent Skilled Artisans, Performed most vividly on Carved、Emboss 、Hand carving .



      Production Team

      after confirm the design, we spend the most short timing to finished the production, like Rome Column takes 15-20 days, Hand Carving 15-20 days, normal carved and UV, Print 7-10 days.

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